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    ​​Good day I am looking for information from transplant programs that have been successful at integrating palliative care services into their workflows.  If your center uses palliative care for symptom management and goals of care planning either pre ...

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    Healthcare bill

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    The new proposed Healthcare bill as written may not include Pre-existing Conditions.  We have heard contradictory statements from Capitol Hill insiders about it.  Some say it will eventually be put in while others have said that in negotiations to get ...

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    Hello! If anyone is attending the upcoming American Transplant Congress (ATC) meeting in Chicago April 29-May 3rd, there is a 2018 Education/Programming Workgroup session being held on Sunday, April 30th.  We are looking for participation from various ...

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    We currently have call split - our transplant coordinators take patient call and we have a service that takes organ offer call.  We used to do it all but it just became too much - we did 402 kidney transplants last year and we only had 10 coordinators.  ...

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